American Girl Salon: make a doll hairstyle

American Girl Salon invites girls to match their favorite dolls: now you can make hair and manicure just like dolls!

The American Girl Salon in Chicago is a unique place where you can get hairstyles, manicure and pierce your ears just like your favorite 18-inch American Girl dolls. There are four salon stations for girls and twelve for dolls, plus manicure stations and a nail drying station. You come to the salon yourself and bring a doll with you, and you can leave from there with the same hairstyles and manicure, like best friends forever !

Guests can visit the Ear Piercing Suite, which caters for both girls and dolls, plus a variety of personalization options. You can have the same earrings with a doll!

American Girl Salon

American Girl Salon services are also available at the New York brand store.

The new service offers girls yet another way to build a relationship of trust with their favorite dolls, along with other options from American Girl such as American Girl Cafe, Create Your Own Studio and the recently opened Doll Hospitals.

In the salon, the girl can choose a special new style of hairstyle and image for her doll, and then watch how expert stylists transform the doll. Barber, ear piercing, spa day and other services!

Stylists are specially trained to work with dolls that can withstand styling and creating hairstyles, so only authentic American Girl dolls are accepted in the salon. This is not the first generation of girls who plays with these dolls in the United States; today their quality is in accordance with historical standards. A true classic.

american girl doll

Children will never forget to visit such a salon! Moreover, there is also a restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch.

Here you can also repair the doll if necessary. When accidents happen with dolls, the medical staff is already there: he will do everything so that the adventure can continue.

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