American Girl miniature version of the American

The American Girl, a doll created in 1986 that has already invested the lives of millions of American girls. The concept ? It is based on several options: the initial idea was to propose dolls related to the great stages of American History, then the girls were able to create a doll My American Girl Doll in their image (or not) with a choice of 44 combinations for eyes, hair, style; or the doll of the year that adapts to novelties that will vibrate the little girls.

Everything is designed so that the dolls are extensions of the lives of small American: they can be pierced ears, place cochlear implants or shave the head.

The American Girl has a mission to celebrate the little girls, to make them feel good as they are today so that they will be more fulfilling tomorrow. Vast mission, which is realized by making dolls in all respects similar to their pretty owners.

American Girl such a pretty doll

Once the little doll bought, it is possible to customize it , or to customize according to the doll. The great strength of the brand is that: the ability to buy small clothes, accessories, shoes, and be in perfect harmony with his toy.

There are clothes for everyday life (leggings, little top, skirt, pajamas), clothes to play sports with his BFF (Best Friend Forever), and more refined options, for the mass or the birthday of his other BFF (hats, dresses).

It's a doll that gives life

American Girl Doll

The doll is well dressed, it must now be housed and take care of it. She also has the right to have her small cozy bed, a table and chairs to receive his copoupées, a tent in case a camping evening is improvised at the last moment in a living room, closets to store all its wonders … In short , enough to make her feel at home.

It is also necessary that she can have fun, that’s why the doll can also have her little pet, a piano, her backpack, her tomatoes and cookies for a last minute picnic, birthdays kits with a cake and even streamers for his parties …

Party that symbolizes the general atmosphere of a store, especially a day of official opening (the shops flourish everywhere), where hysterics are not afraid to swallow 150km to queue and have the privilege of treading the first the soil of this paradise of childhood. In general, the stores are filled with crazy kids and equally excited moms, and each customer spends between 1½ and 2 hours on the spot, spending an average of $ 500 on everything (dolls and accessories).

It's a doll that says yes to her friend

American Girl Doll

The personalization of the doll goes through its physical proper, which can look in all respects to the little girl. In addition to the physical appearance, clothing, accessories, the doll (especially her small owner) can also be assisted by a personal shopper to find the latest trends.

The more convinced can make a stop by the tea room (with a waiting list longer than the last club in fashion in Manhattan), at the beauty salon to make him some curls and a manicure, or grooming for Bichon junior.

Ouch, did the doll fall down the stairs or break her leg while riding? Fortunately, she can also go to the hospital, where she will receive care from doll health professionals . She can leave in a wheelchair or with crutches, with plenty of ointments and bandages for a better recovery.

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