American Girl Dolls

Why American Girl Dolls?

American Girl Dolls among the largest 18-inch dolls in the USA is the most recognized and famous, but these are not the only 18-inch dolls, you can find beautiful dolls of different nationalities, with bright eye color, hair that is easy to style, in cute, and fashionable clothes.

Even at a very young age, one-year-olds enjoy playing with toys. They imitate adults, older sisters, hugging, rocking dolls, arranging feeding, dressing, carry baby dolls in strollers and carry their dolls in a carrying bag. Most girls play role-playing games with dolls from a very young age.

Do you remember your first doll? What about your daughter? The first doll can be soft, fully textile, but the following dolls can become real girlfriends for the girl, more realistic.

When children get older, dolls, as a rule, begin to receive more various functions, such as opening and closing their eyes, movement of joints, they have fashionable clothes and funny accessories, such as strollers, swings, and carry-ons.

American Girl doll

First, girls just love the dolls themselves, and then they usually ask them to collect accessories, they are interested in more fashionable dolls (like Barbie, Monster High and Ever After High), and dolls similar to themselves (like big dolls – American Girl and the like).

American girl dolls

American Girls Dolls are 18-inch, which are either part of the BeForever historical collection or the Doll of the Year collection , or they can be individually designed to look like the little girl wants , is part of the My American Girl Collection.

American Doll Girl of the Year

The American girl dolls, which are part of the historical collection, were designed with the exact details of a particular historical era. They are sold with a reading book telling the details of their lives, as well as thematic accessories to expand the role-playing game.

American Doll Girl of the Year – one new doll per year, which can only be purchased during this particular year, as long as the goods are in stock, then they are not produced or officially sold.

My American Girl Doll collection allows the girl to create doll designs with specific details, such as eye color, hair color and racial / ethnicity, to choose a costume. My American Girl collection dolls come in an outfit, with a necklace.

The American Girl doll itself has a soft-fitting body, eyes that open / close, hair can be styled in hair styles, dolls have a moving head and vinyl limbs. Many pierce the ears of these dolls in order to be able to decorate them with earrings.

American Girl doll

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