American Girl Doll Just Like You

American Girl Doll Just Like You

The exact name is the American Girl doll line, sometimes called Just Like You (just like you), and the name is Just Like Me (just like me), producer of Pleasant Company – Pleasant company. This is a popular doll in America, one of the favorite play dolls.

The company was founded in 1986, the doll was released as an alternative to Barbie, and in 1998 came under the control of Mattel. The company has won awards several times. The company has stores in different cities and states of America. American Girl Place – Stores selling American Girl dolls, as well as clothing and accessories. The first and largest store was opened in Chicago, then in New York and Los Angeles.

American Girl has been specializing in the production of historical dolls for 23 years. In their series, there is Mexican Josephine, a New Mexico resident of 1824, an African American Eddie, born in a family of slaves in 1864, an Indian woman from the 18th century and representatives of other ethnic communities in the United States. Each doll is accompanied by her biography – a children’s novel about the life of an American girl in the corresponding era.

The names of the American Girl dolls are (vary slightly from year to year) – Just Like You, American Girl of Today, American Girl Today. This is a whole line of dolls and accessories. Puppets more than fifty (many are no longer available now). Each doll has its own face (its own Face mold), skin tone, eye color, hair color, height, clothing style. Each doll has a standard set of clothes called Meet (meeting, acquaintance), the line of doll outfits is updated approximately every 2 years. A lot of clothes and accessories for these dolls are sold separately.

American Girl Dolls

The dolls are quite large, rising 18 inches. Also released is a magazine – “American Girl” magazine. Dolls are quite expensive. Very high quality of both the body and the wig, precise miniature accessories. American Girl Doll has been produced since 1986 from vinyl and plastic, the color of skin and hair varies from the ethnicity of the doll.

Those dolls that are now sold by collectors at sky-high prices are those that have already ceased to be produced. These include Samantha and all Dolls of the Year. Each year, the company has a different doll of the year, and it is sold for only a year. Each has its own story and its accessories. In 2010, it was a Lani doll, it was possible to buy it only until December 31, then the price also takes off. The longer the doll is not produced, the more expensive it is.

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