American Girl Doll of the year 2017 : Gabriela McBride

American Girl, 2017 Doll: Gabriela McBride

The 2017 doll in the line of 18-inch American Girl dolls is a black-skinned poet and dancer named Gabriela McBride , she uses these two types of art to help her stutter.

Gabriela is the newest doll in the American Girl line, presented at the official official ceremony in early 2017. American Dolls American Girl depict girls from different social backgrounds, ethnically diverse, with different interests. The doll was announced on Good Morning America.

Gabriela is described in a press release as “true creative talent,” which uses poetry to help “break down barriers” and overcome her “personal problem” of stuttering.

An 18-inch (over 40 cm) African-American doll has brown eyes and curly dark brown hair, it has been launched in US stores since January 1, 2017.

Gabriela comes complete with a book, additional outfits, a microphone and headphones are developed for her. Additional products for Gabriela will be available for purchase in the United States starting in the spring of 2017.

American Girl Doll

A series of three books about Gabriel was written by Theresa E. Harris. Books are a chronicle of Gabriela’s childhood growing up in a family of artists, a story about how she seeks her voice through poetry, and much more.

In addition to books and a new doll, American Girl (Mattel) has partnered with Scholastic to plan a curriculum program so girls can express themselves by learning to write poetry. The program will also create a poetry contest for children to celebrate the National Month of Poetry in April 2017.

American Girl Doll

Recall that the doll of the year American Girl in 2016 was Lea Clark, a talented photographer and animal lover (read more about her and other dolls of previous years here ). In 2017, this is Gabriela McBride, welcome!

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