American Girl Doll : Addy Walker

American Girl Doll : Addy Walker, the story of the first "slave-doll"

In the United States, all little girls know Addy, the first black doll of the American Girls brand. Nicknamed “the slave-doll,” she has long worn the story of black Americans alone on her shoulders.

American Girl is a very famous doll brand in the United States. She presents a series of dolls that each embody an era in the history of America. From Kaya , a Native American of the XVIII th century, the blonde Julie 1970s, these are acompagnées a host of products (books, films, accessories, games) that allow children to learn the ” American melting pot . A diversity that is nuanced because among the star dolls of the collection, no Asian woman is represented while the films built around the dolls are staged only white.

 Addy Walker, the first black doll in the history of American Girl, launched in 1993. Addy is, indeed, a young slave who fled with his mother to win his freedom at the end of the XIXth century. 

American Girl Doll

The factory of the hair of Addy was besides an object of debate among its designers in the beginning of the 1990s. While the laws of the markets would suppose that the children prefer to play with silky hair, long and smooth, the panel of gathered experts to design Addy fought to make his hair look like that of African Americans. After many negotiations, Addy ended up “with hair that was neither curly nor ultra-smooth” .

Addy has long been the only American Girl doll to represent the Black-American community. 

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